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photos, old.

las vegas & the grand canyon.

Each thumbnail links to a description and a larger version of each photo.

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[Note: in the below images, all thumbnail images appear in the larger images, though not necessarily at the same scale. A fun game might be to try to fit the piece in the thumbnail back into the larger image. Then again, it might not. Enjoy!]


Descriptive Text


Ever seen a hamster in a cup? [Though dangerously cute, it's too small for a crappy camera to focus on.] This is the hamster Sassafras. Feb. 2001.


Our adorable, sometimes mean, mostly sweet cat Suki. Feb. 2001.


Amber and Jason at MPIRG. Roughly March 2000. Taken by Dana.


Jason gets arty at the drive-through window of the bank, and it's good that Amber was there. Mid-October 2000.


Amber and Jason get "rat"-y in St. Louis Park, MN. A bit of post-canvassing mischief at a store that shall remain nameless for our protection. Roughly March 2000.


The hills are alive with the sound of gohlkus. Somewhere east of Berkeley, CA, late June 2000. Taken by Nick.


Jason thinks he's so clever. It is a cool picture, though. Done with the help of a live video display in a store in Chinatown (San Francisco), late June 2000.

See also: of Montreal photos from their concert in Minneapolis 6/15/01.

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