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photos of “of Montreal”

These are photos from of Montreal's show at the Seventh Street Entry in Minneapolis on June 15, 2001. Share and enjoy! [Thumbnail images are linked to larger versions.]


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Andy Gonzalez (Forrester) (Sailboat), the picture of concentration.


Kevin Barnes, singer/songwriter extraordinaire.

dottie and andy

Dottie Alexander reigns over the entire clarinet universe, with Andy (reading music?). Two of the hardest working (and nicest!) people in music today (along with Kevin, Jamey [unfortunately, not pictured; he was too far back and those must not have turned out] and Derek [also unfortunately not pictured; it seemed that my camera flash was messing with his eyes, so I decided not to aim it directly at him]).

dottie and kevin and andy

Dottie, Kevin, and Andy, rockin' out.

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