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the question is: who made this and why?

“I’m writing ‘young and gifted’ in my autobiography / I figure, who would know, better than me?”


gohlkus in LA in 2010

I’m just this guy, you know?

I spent my first 24 years in the fine state of Wisconsin. I grew up a city kid, walking to school in Milwaukee. At my home state’s flagship university in Madison, I learned much about graphic design, politics, how to have a social life, and how to properly imbibe various kinds of intoxicating beverages (via trial and error). I learned enough about politics to swear it off as a possible career, and enough about graphic design to get a decent job.

In 1999, I left that perfectly good job, apartment, and group of friends behind and spent three cold years in Minnesota. It was a learning experience. There, I had my first canvassing job and my first (non-student) government job. In August 2002, I left that perfectly good job behind and moved to California.

Between October 2002 and July 2016, I was on staff at a California-based political environmental group that happens to be regulated by Section 501(c)(4) of the United States Internal Revenue Code (an unnecessarily oblique but perhaps informative detail). When I left I was “Communications Manager,” which meant I did web and print design, writing, editing, project management, and web back-end stuff. I then had a great gig at a small political consulting firm during which I added skills and worked on ten winning campaigns. I’m now thinking, writing, and figuring out what comes next.

I am a sports fan from a long line of sports fans. In a development that is interestingly parallel to my love life, I have become a one-sport guy. That lucky sport is baseball. On and off throughout adulthood, I’ve considered the idea of simply not following sports; I compromised by devoting myself to just one. I am not sure if this reduced the overall amount of time I spend on sports or not, given my dynasty league, fantasy leagues, and frequent attendance at baseball games. But it’s fun and relaxing, and the camaraderie is first-rate.

Listening to music (both live and recorded) and poorly playing guitar (left-handed) also rank high on my list of hobbies. I have to say I like TV — good TV, mostly. I think about writing and other creative pursuits a lot more than I actually… pursue them. My favorite expensive hobby is traveling; I’ve been everywhere, man. Not really, but I’ve been out of the country a couple times.

I ride trains, buses, and two-wheeled conveyances. I am a skilled but infrequent operator of motor vehicles, so long as they don’t require me to do something so obsolete as to manually shift gears. In the summer of 2003, I sold the 1.7-ton monster in which I moved myself to the west coast. (I have virtually never looked back in regret at that transaction.) In return, I received the euphoria of being debt-free.

Also, in 2011, I met my one true love, Dawn, and she is awesome! We got married in Oakland in 2013 on the best day of my life. It is 2017 and it feels like the honeymoon hasn’t stopped!

Here is some more (essentially useless) information, for identification purposes only:

  • Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also home of the second-largest four-faced clock tower in the world.
  • Myers-Briggs type: Usually ENFJ with some introverted tendencies from time to time.
  • Eye color: can only be described as “bluish-grayish, with one appearing slightly greener than the other, likely due to the presence of slightly more brown.”
  • Favorite Simpsons quote: [Teen 1] “Oh look, the cannonball guy, he’s cool.” [Teen 2] “Are you being sarcastic, dude?” [Teen 1] “I don’t even know anymore.”
  • Number of parenthetical expressions on this page: ten (including this one, and that’s way down from a record nineteen three revisions ago).

If you got this far, you might also be interested to know that in the beginning of 2010, one of the most important years in my life so far, I was successfully treated for depression. The years since have been far better than many of the prior years. In my recovery from depression (which is to be taken seriously if you suspect it is affecting now), I stopped identifying with unhelpful labels; crucially, I worked hard to replace automatic negative thoughts about myself with compassion, love, and forgiveness.


Ours not to reason why; ours but to do and die.

* * *

If that’s not enough for you (and I admire your sticktoitiveness and your unusually high level of interest in me), there is at least a little more in this site’s wonderful introduction. When I say “wonderful,” I literally mean “filled with wonders.” But you might have come here straight from there, so I guess you can just do whatever you want at this point.

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