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other projects

This will be updated from time to time. (It hadn’t been updated in five years, as of February, 2012. Sheesh. I guess I kind of forgot it was here.)

Here I am on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve written a very small number of reviews on Yelp.

I occasionally volunteer my time with Brainwash Movies in scenic west Oakland, California. It is run in a totally mediocre fashion (giving it a ton of indie cred) by the enigmatic impresario Shelby Toland.

Here are a few words about my CafePress shop. Visit it if you’d like to buy poorly made t-shirts with the random ideas that come into my head (or the ideas I steal from others) printed on them. The women’s t-shirt on the site was from the whim of one of my old friends on a bulletin board (and a feature on the McSweeney’s web site). Sorry for stealing your idea, guys. I think it falls under “fair use,” right? I’ll donate my non-existent profits to 826 Valencia. A more detailed “artist’s statement,” for lack of a better term, appears on the storefront.

You could buy me something, if you’d like.

More later.

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