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you really don’t care about most of this stuff.

Design & production: me. Back end: WordPress. Photos: me, generally, unless otherwise credited, unless to do so would not be funny. Lately, I have used a couple images from the Flickr Commons to create “comics” that amuse me (and possibly me alone), in a style I enjoyed creating in the mid-nineties and will start doing again, at least on occasion.

Typefaces: In this version of the site (which I guess is now roughly version 4), I’ve continued to leave the work of typeface selection largely up to your very own operating system. The header image features a lovely display typeface called “Big Top” by someone called Shamrock. In the header and flash intro of the most recent version of this site, I used a font called Accidental Presidency by Tepid Monkey Fonts. Previous versions of the site relied heavily on Ray Larabie‘s excellent freeware fonts, including Screengem, Joystix, and Blue Highway (which I have also used commercially). I also used to use something called Flotsam Smart quite a lot.

Okay, read something actually interesting.

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