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“I’m writing ‘young and gifted’ in my autobiography / I figure, who would know, better than me?”

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Engaged white male who’s been around for a prime number of years. I ride trains, buses, and two-wheeled conveyances. I am a skilled but infrequent operator of motor vehicles, so long as they don’t require me to do something so obsolete as to manually shift gears. In the summer of 2003, I sold the 1.7-ton monster with which I moved myself to the west coast. In return, I received the euphoria of being debt-free. Happily, I have not looked back.

Since November 2002, I have been more or less gainfully employed by a very effective California-based environmental group. I have a nice niche there right now, maintaining and designing the website, doing a bunch of print design and production, and various other writing and editing tasks. I started there as a phone canvasser, but I have now spent more time there as a full-time member of the “day staff” than as a part-time evening-shift fundraiser.

Interests include music (listening and playing), movies, art, design, the web (building it), writing, and baseball (watching and playing). I hate politics, at least the way it’s currently practiced. I’d like to think I’m working to implement a new model of organizing people online and offline that can overcome the big money interests that have controlled politics for a long time.

I went through a brief phase of quitting my job and moving to an entirely new state. I did it twice in three years, but I’m way done with that. It all started in November 1999 when I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Madison, Wisconsin (where I attended a large public university and learned to drink [among several other things]). I do not regret that move.

After 3 pretty decent years, during which I had my first canvassing job and my first state job, both of which I quit, I moved again.

In August 2002, I moved from Minneapolis to Oakland, California, where I stayed for 10 years (other than a 10-month stint in a crappy box disguised as a house in south Berkeley). I am still a proud resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, which I now consider home.

Other essentially useless information, for identification purposes only:

  • Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin—the town that made beer famous.
  • Myers-Briggs type: Somewhere around ENFJ (though I’m pretty equally balanced between extrovert and introvert).
  • Eye color: can only be described as “bluish-grayish, with one appearing slightly greener than the other, likely due to the presence of slightly more brown.”
  • Dominant form of humor: self-deprecating.
  • Social Security Number: 999-99-9999. (Note: The preceding is not my actual social security number.)
  • Favorite Simpsons quote: [Teen 1] “Oh look, the cannonball guy, he’s cool.” [Teen 2] “Are you being sarcastic, dude?” [Teen 1] “I don’t even know anymore.”
  • Distinguishing characteristics: Understatement, overemphasis, hyperbole, subtlety, mild self-destruction, ambivalence, capacity for learning, good listener, general lack of organization, the appearance that everything is a-ok, extreme false modesty.

Watch this space for more hilarious Jason-based levity!

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