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5/9/16 6:01 pm

What I just wrote to StubHub

They foolishly asked me how my last transaction went.

It took me days to figure out which platform would allow me to complete the listing process. In the meantime, I missed the opportunity to sell two of my three tickets. Your website as accessed on Firefox on a desktop Mac (OS 10.6.8) did not allow me to get through the obstructions screen (or whatever you call it) — it did NOT have a “NONE” option even though it was in the instructions! That was an unbelievably idiotic barrier to selling tickets I had never experienced before! On the StubHub app on my iPhone (using the current 9.3.x iOS), I had all kinds of problems – every time I tried to scan barcodes, the app would crash. Totally useless. The only way I was able to sell my tickets (one of three, anyway) was to try again on Safari on the iPhone (again, using the current 9.3.x iOS). To add insult to injury, you set a minimum price for that event at $6.00, even though the face value of my tickets was $5.00. I just wanted to get something back and you made it impossible. Thanks.

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